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Cupping is an ancient treatment that has been used all over the world in countries such as Egypt, China, Vietnam and in some African countries. 

To perform a cupping treatment, a vacuum is created inside the cup which results in a suction action on the skin. The vacuum lifts up the skin and tissues which has many therapeutic benefits. The cups are left on for 5-25 minutes depending on the individual’s current state of health, age and if they’ve had cupping before.

Fire cupping: Fire is introduced into the cup which expels the air and then it is placed immediately on the skin. A vacuum is created as the air has been expelled and the suction lifts up the skin and tissues underneath.


Pistol handle valve cups: the cup is placed on the desired area and the pump is inserted into the valve at the top of the cup. Air is pumped out creating suction.

Therapeutic effects of cupping:

  • Improves blood circulation which provides nourishment to the tissues

  • Relaxes muscle tension

  • Stimulates the nervous system to relax similar to the effects of a massage

  • Alleviates respiratory symptoms by loosening phlegm and expelling the pathogen

  • Improves lymphatic drainage which helps in the elimination process of toxic substances and boosts immune system

  • Aids the digestive system by stimulating peristalsis which moves food through our digestive tract and releases digestive fluids

Cupping treatment on a woman's back.
Cupping close up on someone's back.
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